Cross-Platform Visual Editor

For non-Content Manager courses, an entirely new cross-platform, cross-browser Visual Editor (a.k.a. WYSIWYG editor) has replaced the older Visual Editor in authoring pages. For Content Manager courses, users will already be familiar with this visual editor. The difference is that.NExT upgrades this visual editor to a later version for both Content Manager and non-Content Manager users. In addition, all students will have the visual editor for the first time in many areas of the online course.

The new Visual Editor works on Windows Operating Systems (including the Vista operating system) as well as Mac OS. Recommended browsers include IE7, Firefox 2.0, and Safari 3.0. FireFox 3.0, IE6, and Safari 2.0 are Supported.

The new Visual Editor is available in the following areas of a .NExT course:

In addition to being compatible with all currently supported operating systems and browsers, the new Visual Editor also has the following new features:

Visual Editor